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Looking for, or just bought a new house ?

These are exciting times that you want to enjoy, but there is also a big practical side with loads of costs and soon; monthly payments. This model helps you understand and compare the different mortgage types so you can make the choices that best suit your situation.

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Through feedback and renumeration experts build more models

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The advice on is like a cookbook. It is the type of advice that let's you shortcut the part of designing the dish and get right into action. Basically shortcutting all the hours the chef spent learning to become a cook and adding flavours, trying and failing until he got the recipe exactly how he liked it.

A good cookbook let's you just follow the steps and get right into the action by 'applying' the knowledge the chef has already created.

Tap into the world’s best collective knowledge

Use - Most people and companies lack the financial strength to acquire world class ( consultancy ) advice and/or knowledge

Validity - Internet search and links yield information regardless of quality. There is now way to tell the truth from tale and freely available niche information is often of low quality

Time preference - Consultancy based advice takes n + 1 days to provide feedback as the business model acts to counteract your interest. You needed the knowledge yesterday