Select all the possible points:

The reason for the suspension of the account

The threat of permanently deleting your account

Using 'dear client' instead of your full name

The Instruction to click the 'log into your account' hyperlink instead of logging into your account via a web browser

'Follow instructions' after you click the link

The extra space before the comma and the general writing

Which URL's are genuine? Select the ones you think are OK

URL #1

URL #2

URL #3

URL #4

URL #5

Which texts are geniuine? Select the ones you think are OK

Text #1

Text #2

Text #3

Text #4

Text #5

Select from the following:

I have a virus scanner installed an on automatic updates, Eg Norton Antivirus

I have 2 factor-authentication turned on on every serivice that allows it. Eg Microsoft, Google, Dropbox

I always check internet links before I click them for possible phishing Eg, Use of https, domain name and URL shortners

I always verify if a offer or message is legit when it asks something of me, Eg, Wire money to account xyz

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